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 Dead End-just a little bit of my zombie script :)

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Dead End-just a little bit of my zombie script :) Empty
PostSubject: Dead End-just a little bit of my zombie script :)   Dead End-just a little bit of my zombie script :) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 17, 2012 5:27 pm

So, this is intended to be a zombie film (hears audience groan)
This is my first attempt at a script and i hope i've done everything right...
Anyway, its set in Australia or britain Smile



As the camera fades in, we see the legs of a person wearing track suits pants as he sprints along a wet, concrete footpath. The camera changes to another two running legs. The sounds of a man panting are distinctly heard as the camera bounces around wildly, attempting to stay focused on the legs. Suddenly a loud groan is heard.

The camera flashes back and forth between the three sets of legs before finally showing the view of JAMIE MCMILLIAN, a 20-26 year old man, average size, not exactly athletic. JAMIE is running through what seems like a quiet city street.

The camera once again flashes back to the pursuers legs and finally shows there faces. A middle-aged man and woman, there faces covered in blood, particulary around the mouth area.The woman is wearing a torn bridal dress, the man a bloody suit.

The camera flashes back to JAMIE as he turns a corner and finds himself in;


We are show the back of JAMIE as he runs right into a chain-link fence blocking his path. He tries to climb it but slips down due to his panicking. He glances back and realizes it is too late to escape.

Oh shit…

The two pursuers have already made there way into the alley way and a just meters from JAMIE when a series of gunshots are heard. The pursuers fall to the ground, motionless. As they fall, a figure standing behind them is revealed.

The figure walks closer and it is revealed to be a woman with short, shoulder length hair. She is reveaked to be wearing tight fitting black clothing and handgun is shown to be hanging in her hand.

Your welcome.

Wha- uh-

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Dead End-just a little bit of my zombie script :)
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